InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen Episode 15 English Dub

July 10, 2012

Using the fragment of Kanna's mirror, Sesshomaru is able to make Tenseiga replicate Tessaiga's powers and abilities and challenges InuYasha to a battle to test his worthiness to wield their father's fang of destruction. InuYasha accepts. Every time the swords cross, Tessaiga regains some of its powers and abilities back. Sesshomaru creates a Meido that swallows InuYasha, and throws Tenseiga into it but Inuyasha cut through his demonic enegy to save himself . Naraku tries to control Tenseiga through Kanna's mirror. Sesshomaru jumps in the Meido and forces InuYasha to break Tenseiga. Tessaiga's blade becomes black, and InuYasha creates a Meido to come back from the netherworld. The broken Tenseiga comes back anew. Toutousai said that, now freed from his obsession with Tessaiga, Sesshomaru is one step away from obtaining a much stronger and much more powerful weapon of his own that was not inherited from his father.