InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen Episode 18 English Sub

July 10, 2012

Both groups go to Kaede's village where Kohaku remains unconscious due to the defilement of his shard, when he protected Rin from the previous episode. Kaede suggest Magatsuhi was able to defile it because the highly strong powerful purifying spell Kikyo left behind is only effective against Naraku. Kagome tries to purify it but is unable to, seemingly due to Magatsuhi's attack against her. After Toutousai makes him a scabbard for his new sword, Sesshomaru heads off to hunt down Magatsuhi as only Tenseiga would be able to defeat him. He leaves Rin and Jaken behind with Kohaku. Kagome decides to return home to take her high school entrance exams, promising to return when they are done. While standing at the tree he was once pinned to, InuYasha worries that Kagome will die in the battle with Naraku, like Kikyo, and thinks its safer for her to be home where she is not alone. Meanwhile, Kagome finds herself feeling lonely and missing her friends from the Feudal era, as her family is away on a trip, the school closed, and her friends unavailable. She falls asleep studying and awakes to find InuYasha there, much to her joy. As they talk, InuYasha asks her to consider staying there until Naraku is defeated, and suggests that her spiritual powers and abilities were sealed by Kikyo's final wish not to fight anymore. Kagome refuses, wanting to keep her promise to Kikyo and make the one correct wish that will make the sacred Shikon Jewel disappear from world of the living forever. InuYasha vows to protect Kagome with his life, and they almost kiss, but are interrupted by the sudden return of her family. Ten days later, Kagome goes to take her exams, with InuYasha following after coming to pick her up since ten days is up. Kagome's bag gets caught in the train, but InuYasha carries her after it to retrieve it. She hugs him and he takes her to the exam site, where her mother meets her with the exam ticket she left at home.